Google turns 360° around paper

Google Classic

Image by Dullhunk

I love that Google has turned towards leafleting as a way of getting people online. The Guardian article points out that Google is all about digital and there is something oxymoronic about a server-farm company using something as old skool as paper.

But Google has never really been about digital, it’s just that digital has been the most effective way of achieving its goals.

I’ve long said that 360° experiences are definitively non-digital. A digital content strategy needs to encompass every aspect of an audience’s experience and expectations.

Google doesn’t deliver digital. Google gets people to the things they are searching for – and makes a buck by doing it efficiently. Its relies on search algorithms that deliver what people want effectively, and an advertising marketplace that allows it to monetise it efficiently.

If you strip out a mandate that Google has to do this digitally, there are plenty of places that need better search: finding a suitable wine on a restaurant menu, identifying the source of that odd ignition sound when the car starts, locating lost friends (who aren’t online)…

Why shouldn’t these be googlable too?


About Morgan Holt

Morgan Holt is senior strategist at Wolff Olins, the global game-changing brand consultancy. He is also chairman of the Branded Content Marketing Association, and a non-executive director of CN Media Group.

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