One-shot apps spend loyalty, not build it

Dennis Publishing Recasts Magazine Editorial In 20 “One Shot Content” Apps | mocoNews.

I’m a big fan of doing one thing and doing it well, but I slightly worry about Dennis Publishing’s “one shot apps” focus if it’s intended to be a big stride in their digital strategy.

In publishing, strip out the publishing bit, and the paper bit, and the story generation bit (which is what digital is doing) and the one thing editorial businesses have to trade on is loyalty. Loyalty to their rigour, to their truth, to their contacts.

But a one-shot focus is about turning that loyalty into short term revenue. Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t build loyalty, it spends it. As an ancillary strategy it’s a great idea — as a way of expanding editorial into the digital world it’s not even a start.


About Morgan Holt

Morgan Holt is senior strategist at Wolff Olins, the global game-changing brand consultancy. He is also chairman of the Branded Content Marketing Association, and a non-executive director of CN Media Group.

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