I come fairly equally from both creative and technical backgrounds. When I started working with computers they had to be built. My first coding efforts were games on the Commodore Pet, and my first work computer was an IBM 3084 mainframe with punch cards.

At the same time I was a musician, with a record deal and regulars gigs, and a writer/editor of arts magazines which became a 9-year career as a journalist.

And now…

I am senior strategist at Wolff Olins. I am also chairman of the Branded Content Marketing Association, and a non-executive director of CN Media Group.

Previously I was a director at Transform, the digital innovation consultancy at Engine, the largest independent communications group in the UK where he also heads up branded content.

Before that, the Director of Media Innovation at the mobile phone company Hutchison 3G where I was responsible for developing the media strategy across the company’s entertainment and communities portfolio, and managing the Television, Music and Internet products and services.

For five years prior to that I was Executive Producer for broadcast at Endemol where I oversaw all Endemol’s interactive editorial since the UK’s first Big Brother. While there I started the offshoot Endemol mobile.

I have been a producer, editor, musician, social worker, and journalist for everyone from the Daily Mail to the BBC, from Crisis to Cambridge University.


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